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This script follows my normally abnormal format.
All interested artists should note that I have extremely specific ideas as to how the characters, aliens, spaceships, uniforms and technology should look for this story.


::After the third world war mankind began to migrate to space. After a century of colonization mankind has entered a new era of peace. ::

Dedicate one or two panels to depicting humanity’s migration to outer space.
::Another place in the galaxy, planet Onarius had fallen to the power of a brutal dictatorship and entered into space with weapons drawn. ::
Depict the rise of the empire and the subsequent military incursion into space that followed.
::the Onarian war force  roved across their star system and the  first world they encountered was the nearby planet Dosar a world inhabited by water dwellers. The Onarians conquered this world and enslaved its people.
Depict the primitive and medieval fish-men being forced from the water and chained as water helmets are placed on their heads.  

::As the Onarians continued on their path of conquest they encountered yet another inhabited world in their system.
The Planet Threa was colonized long ago by a race of cat-like people who had since lost much of their advanced civilization.
Despite this disadvantage the Threans fought back and the war was long and bloody but the Onarians prevailed and this world too was theirs. ::
Depict the war between the Onarians and the Threans.

::As their was nothing left in their system to conquer the people began to doubt the empire's practicality, began to whisper of democracy. The empire's brutal suppression of dissidents was beginning to lose effectiveness. The Onarian people where in need of another war to turn their attention outward and blind them to the empire's glaring flaws. ::
Depict the emperor and the suppression of dissidents.

::it was in this time of inward political turmoil that the empire came into the possession of a device that generated wormholes. Acting on the Emperor's orders Onarian probes where sent to every corner of the galaxy searching for an inhabited system that could be easily conquered. After months of searching they scouted a system ripe with life and suitable for conquest, the Solar system.  ::
Depict the scientists working on the wormhole projector and the probe that scouted out the solar system.

::Star Corps Academy::

A lecture hall the instructor is a lieutenant commander with a cyborg leg; he has a chalkboard behind him with the dates of all the major interstellar wars.

2035-2049 WWIII
2067-2071 Mars wars
2080-2085 Colony rebellion
2095-2105 Jupiter Wars
2115-2120 Asteroid rebellion
2129-2132 Kuiperbelt conflict
Lieutenant commander Stern: welcome first and second year students to History of Space warfare. A required class for anyone interested in a tactical position.  We are going to hit the ground running so to speak, The first student to name which of the Wars written behind me that the Star Corps was involved with will receive extra credit which will count for 10% of their overall grade. If you fail however that 10% of your grade will be equal to zero and your overall grade reduced to 90% and you’ll have to work that much harder to pass. War is a gamble cadets and so is my class who here has the guts to face it head on?

A few hands raise as the instructor walks through the students seating area.
Lieutenant commander stern: a few of you have guts at least, that’s good to know because their the only ones who wont be getting 10% deducted from their grade, There's no place for cowards in the military.

He approaches a particular cadet and points to him.

Lieutenant commander stern: I’m giving you one chance to back out young man because if you are wrong you’ll be deducted 20% it’s only fair.

Johnny: The Mars Wars, the Colony Rebellion, the Jupiter Wars and the asteroid rebellion.  

Lieutenant commander stern: Sorry young man but you are wrong, you made 2 mistakes one of which was deducting the war I lost my leg in only twenty years ago. For that I’m deducting 30% of your grade.  You over there you are supposed to be a genius aren’t you do you think you can correct our friends mistakes.

Brains: But of coarse I have studied and have expertise in every field. That’s why the kids call me “Brains”.  The Jupiter Wars, The Asteroid Rebellion and the Cypherbelt conflict where the only wars to be fought by star corps.

Lieutenant commander stern: so the kids call you brains well maybe they should call you shit for brains because your wrong!
You, like the pompous fool you are, forgot that Star Corps Was founded during the Colony Rebellion, 20% of your grade is deducted.
Cadets Star Corps was founded in a time of war and has been maintained for seventy two years to fight wars in hope for a lasting peace.  Now Twenty years ago in the war that took my leg we achieved that lasting peace. In these years that followed Star Corps has lost some of its importance but we are here to keep and maintain peace. There are those, like pirates and smugglers who would perpetuate violence and it is our job to stop them. We all pray there will never be another war and as long as we learn from the past there never will be. Lets open this up to discussion shall we.

Jack Diamond: You say war can be ended permanently if humans learn from their past but what of the non-humans out there? We have proven through archeology that there is other intelligent life out there and some of them have the capability to travel faster than light. We don’t know these aliens’ intentions what if they are hostile?

Lieutenant commander stern: I know that intelligent life exists and I don’t dispute that. But we as a people have come this far and still cannot travel to other systems. Any life form that can, will have come farther than we as a people and thus be peaceful.

Jack Diamond: But isn’t war also a catalyst for technological advancement? And was it not war that allowed us to come this far? If this is true than a warlike race could easily have advanced farther than we.  I feel our idleness has weakened us and I sense that there is a great Alien threat waiting somewhere to destroy us!

Lieutenant commander stern:  That Is quite enough cadet Diamond! You have had your turn now sit down and shut up.
This is not the place for your flights of fancy.


Jack Diamond and his friend Johnny stand in a long hallway as jack stares out of the window which parallels the hall and stares into space.

Johnny:  why the hell are you just standing around staring into space. Don’t let what the lieutenant said get to you he’s an asshole. We’ve got more important things to do, the Wonders twins have agreed to a double date and we need to prepare to get lucky.

Jack: The Wonders twins how did you manage that!?

Johnny: I might have said my father was an admiral, an obvious lie but by some miracle it worked… Hey look the pilots are starting practice. After what happened last semester I suppose they want to log as much flight time as possible.

The starfighters leave the hanger as the pilots began to do maneuvers. The exercise consists of the fighters trying to shoot down flying orbs.  One pilot is doing particularly well as he violently swings in shooting down one orb after another.

(note: when pilots talk have a small sub panel that shows the pilots face within the main panel showing the action)

Spade Heart: that’s another one down I think I might set a new record.

He twists in and shoots down two more orbs.

Spade:  4 and 5 now I’m an ace baby!

He turns again this time upward blasting two more

Spade: damn I’m the best!

Instructor on the comm.: alright cadets that’s enough for one day return to the hangers.

Spade: Aw and I was just warming up.

Back in the observation hall Jack and Johnny play the part of the spectators.

Johnny: Wow that Spade Heart really is good you know.

Jack:  he’s an OK pilot but his personality’s defective, he’s pompous, full of himself and really kind of a jerk.

Johnny:  We’ll since I haven’t met him personally I cant make judgments on that, but he sure can fly.

Spade enters the hall from the hanger deck.

Spade: So I see my fans have come to greet me.

Jack: not hardly, honestly I don’t see how you fit that big head through doors.

Spade: Why are you being so hostile? I know, it must be because you, unlike me have no real talent. What I have can’t be bought or earned its natural. But don’t feel bad some people have talent and some don’t I have it, you don’t.  

Jack: listen flyboy don’t talk about talent cus I’m a way better marksman than you and could hit twice as many of those balls from ten times farther than you did!

Spade: dream on loser if you where that good they would have let you into the academy last year. We both applied the same year I saw you the day of my interview. What happened did you fail the entry exam 20 times?

Jack: I had a small criminal record, there’s a prerequisite which states any applicant with a criminal record must perform a year of probationary internship before being allowed to attend the academy. Unlike you I  actually had to work to get here.

Spade: Boo-hoo, its your own fault you probably deserved worse.

Jack: Don’t judge me you son of a bitch!

Johnny: Guys this is no way for Star Corps cadets to be behaving! We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Spade: You know your friends really full of hot air.
Jack: got to agree with you there.
Spade:  why do you hang out with him?
Jack: yeah he’s a dork but he did get us a date with the wonders sisters.
Spade: The wonders sisters eh.. maybe I should start hanging with this geek.

Johnny: I’m not a dork or a geek! You guys are mean.

Comm: All second year students report to the Starship Excalibur for training mission.

Spade: I forgot that was today!  I got myself a training mission on the legendary Excalibur, once they see my stuff they’ll probably want me fulltime.

Jack: you know cadets might be impressed with your showboating but this is a real mission with real pilots so you shouldn’t be so cocky.

Spade: Nice lecture “Dad”, as for the “Real pilots” I’ll probably teach them a thing or two, see ya wannabes.

He runs off to meet with the Starship Excalibur.  

Johnny: These flight majors think their slick but realistically in peace times there’s no place for fighter pilots. In a few years they’ll all be at desks pushing papers.

::The Starship Excalibur::

All of the second year cadets are together in a large lecture hall used for mission briefing and certain ceremony’s.

Captain Kingsly the ship's commanding officer stands before them on stage.

Captain Kingsly: My name is Captain Kingsly, I’m your commanding officer and though I don’t normally do this type of briefing personally since this is your very first mission I’m making an exception. Please note that this mission is very real and not in anyway staged, so certain dangers could be involved please be cautious when performing duties.  The Mission it self is simple, a scientific investigation. We will be proceeding to Sector 8 of the sub plutonian region of space, not at all far from here. There has been detected by sensors a space-time anomaly in the region, are orders are to determine its cause.  

::the Onarian Warship Drakos::
The bridge of the warship Drakos has an architectural design that is almost Romanesque.  The captain stands on a risen platform which stretches back into a catwalk leading to the arched door. The rest of the bridge is sunken so that the captain can look down on his crew. There is a bar podium in front of where the captain stands so that he can brace himself in a battle.

CAPTAIN GROTH:  This is captain Groth of the Warship Drakos. We have arrived in the Sol system and are preparing to test human military strengths and weaknesses, that we can exploit in our upcoming military campaign.

Crewman: sir where picking up a vessel on sensors, we have determined it to be a civilian cargo ship, your orders…

Captain Groth: Blast it into stardust.

The Onarian Warship fires a single beam which destroys the cargo vessel completely.

Captain Groth: that was pathetic.    

::The Excalibur::
Captain Kingsly continues his briefing of the young cadets

Captain Kingsly: your duties have been assigned based on your chosen majors at the academy.  To find out where you have been assigned please access your tech card and log onto the ships computer . You are all now dismissed.

Spade takes a small thin card from his pocket it lights up and screen becomes visible.  The screen is displaying the position he’s been assigned to.

Spade Heart – 3rd class Starfighter squad 22 beta

Spade: only a third class squad? Well I guess they haven’t heard about me yet…

Spade enters Hanger 22 beta and finds a man washing a new model Starfighter.

Spade: Hey you! Is this squad 22 beta?

Allen: it certainly is. Ah! You must be spade. I’m Third class squad commander Allen Mitchell.

A young black pilot enters the hanger

Allen: This is my subordinate Clarke Jacobs, but don’t expect help from him he’s just out of the academy himself.

Clarke: Allen that’s not fair! I’m hardly green, I’ve been out of the academy for a whole year already.

Spade: so which of these fighters is mine?

Allen: This one here, I was polishing it up for ya.
Spade: This ones a different model from the ones at the academy.

Allen: Of coarse the ones at the academy are ten year old junk this is a V class Starfighter, brand new and state of the art.          There’s not  a ship in the fleet that hasn’t been fitted with these babies.  But this particular one is on loan from second class squad commander Saylona Slone so don’t damage it or she’ll roast both our hides on a spit.


Crewman: Captain were approaching the anomaly but I’m reading something strange. Its some kind of starship but its like nothing I’ve   ever seen, the design is completely alien to me!

Captain Kingsly: “Alien” seems to be the right word their using alloys unknown to man, this is like nothing that’s ever been made before.

--bridge of the Onarian Warship—

Crewman: captain were picking up a human warship on sensors.

Captain Groth: So they have come to us, this makes our job much easier.  Begin stage one phase one.

--The bridge of the Excalibur—

Crewman: Captain, the alien ship is not responding to our messages of peace.  They seem to be launching starfighters sir.

Captain Kingsly: That seems very much like a response to me crewman. Put the ship on Red Alert, arm weapons and launch starfighters!


Allen now putting on the helmet to his space flight suit musters his crew.
Allen: Captains given us orders to launch immediately kid! This aint  no drill put on your spacesuit and get in the cockpit!

The three starfighters launch from the hanger.

Allen: Squad 22 Beta launching.

The squad encounters two enemy starfighters which immediately fire on them..

Spade: What the hell are these things?!

Allen: No idea, but I gather where supposed to shoot them.

The squad flies past once firing lasers at the enemy fighters which are destroyed.

Allen: there are more coming, stay in formation.
Spade: formations for the birds.

Spade flying ahead, spade leaves his position in the rear of the triangle formation. He swoops in above an enemy fighter and blasts it to atoms.

Allen: You idiot get back in formation!  Bring up the rear!!!

Spade: hey, why mess with a good thing?
Suddenly with none protecting the rear an enemy fighter attacks Clarke from behind.
Clarke: One  of ums on my tail I cant shake him!

With a mighty blast from its death ray the Onarian fighter destroys Clarke’s  Starfighter killing him instantly.

Allen: Clarke!!
Spade: Clarke!!!

Allen: Dammit spade this is your fault. You where supposed to be protecting the rear!

Spade: I…..i… I’m.. sorry.

Allen: that doesn’t bring him back.

Allen swoops in and destroys the enemy Starfighter that killed his friend.

--the bridge—

Captain Kingsly: Fire the main canon!

The main cannon charges and fired an immense and powerful beam into the alien ship. The beam impacts the side of the alien ship and there is an incredible explosion but the ship itself remains in tact.

--Excalibur’s Bridge—

Captain Kingsly: It survived!? …. A shot like that would have destroyed  any human ship!

--Drakos’ Bridge—

Crewman: Captain the human attack has breached three decks!

Captain Groth: No more toying with them, we are entering phase two full barrage! We will blast them into stardust!

The Onarian warship unleashed a barrage of lasers from its secondary weapons system.

--Excalibur’s Bridge—

Crewman: Captain were taking heavy damage!!

The captain sits in his chair cupping his hands under his chin with a serious look.
Captain Kingsly: Call back the starfighters and prepare to retreat.

Crewman: Retreat? You mean were just giving up?

Captain Kingsly: High commander were going to pull an old fashioned doughnut maneuver.

High Commander: a what? I’ve never heard of such a maneuver.

Captain Kingsly: You’ll see…

Show the Excalibur retreating.

--the Drakos—

Crewman: the humans are escaping!

Captain Groth: let them go.  Its time to move on to stage two! We will attack a human military instillation.

A crewman has on his view screen a display of Star Corps Academy.

--THE Excalibur : hanger 22 beta--  

Spade gets out of his Starfighter and approaches Allen who with an angry disgusted look on his face is leaving.

Spade: Allen wait!

Allen stops without turning around.

Allen: You’re a reckless irresponsible child. You have No right to wear that uniform.

He walks away.

A close up on spade who now hangs his head in shame.

Spade: I’m sorry  

The crew has been called to the briefing hall were they all stand in single file rows as the captain walks up and down each row inspecting the men and giving commendations when necessary.

Captain Kingsly: You the brave crew of the Excalibur has shown extraordinary courage in battle with the aliens and deserves congratulations and commendations where applicable. I think the pilots have acted above and beyond the call of duty, I should say most of the pilots….

The captain stops as he passes Spade and turns to him then grabs him by the collar and pulls him close.
Captain Kingsly: You cadet Heart, and your reckless showboating got a man killed!

The captain then punches spade in the gut sending him bellowing to the floor.
Spade then looked up at the captain as he held his stomach.

Spade: aaaghh… I’m sorry … I..I.. never meant for anyone to get hurt!

Captain Kingsly: You can tell that to Clarke’s family when you notify them of his death and tell them how you are responsible for it, That’s an order.
Now where was i.. yes the bravery of this crew has been amazing up to this point but I’m afraid I must ask more of you. The battle is not over for this is only a brief intermission. This ship is currently tracking the ion trail of the alien vessel and once we determine their location we will launch a surprise attack!

--Star Corps Academy—

Slowly the Onarian vessel approaches the orbital academy.

--The Drakos—
Captain Groth: prepare for Stage two Phase one, launch starfighters.

--Star Corps Academy Command deck--

Crewman: High Commander Drex were picking up an unidentified military vessel. Sir they’re launching starfighters.  

High Commander Drex is a Forty Five year old veteran with graying hair cut short  and heroically angular bone structure.  

High Commander Drex:  Red Alert! All hands to battle stations!


Jack: this cant be a real attack can it?  We have so few drills I don’t even remember my battle station!

Johnny: Gunnery post 12 jack! Your at gunnery post 12!

Jack: Thanks Johnny!   Man I hope this is a drill.

But jack finds its not a drill as he enters the ball turret of gunnery post 12 and sees the besieging alien starfighters. He begins to shoot at them immediately.

Jack: my god this is intense, its overwhelming every sense sight, sound even smell! Its like nothing I’ve ever experienced! its not like simulations at all.

A wide shot of the attacking starfighters many of which are being blasted by defending gunners.

--the Drakos—

Captain Groth: Recall the fighters its time we tested their skill in close quarters combat! Begin Phase two, launch the dagger ships.

Ships that look like giant daggers began to penetrate the academy’s hull.
--command deck--
Crewman: multiple hull breaches sir on several decks! The work of what appears to be giant needle ships, I think we’ve been boarded sir.

The end of a dagger ship juts into one of the corroders as an Onarian boarding party unloads into the academy with drawn blasters.


LT Smash: You heard the man cadets! To the weapons lockers now!

Jack along with several other cadets go to the weapons lockers and arm themselves each with a blaster riffle and a side arm.

Jack: Close combat! My god this cant be happening.

Brains is intently holding a special tech card used for detecting life signs.
Brains: I’m detecting unidentified life forms coming this way!
A slightly overweight cadet begins to panic.
Tubby: Oh god they’re coming! They’re actually coming! What do we do?!

LT Smash: We fight cadet that’s what we do and we do it till the last man!  We are the Star Corps and were going to show these alien freaks exactly what that means!

Lt Smash: They’re blasting through the door cadets prepare to open fire!

The Onarian Death force comes marching toward them firing a valley of death-rays.  

Lt Smash and Johnny stand front and center fending off the enemy with their plasma blasters.

Lt. Smash: Eat hot plasma freaks!
Johnny: Yah, what he said only meaner!

The two warring groups exchange fire and suddenly an enemy death ray hits LT Smash, He becomes subject to an instant burning disintegration which instantly dis-integrates  every molecule in his body.

Lt. Smash: AAAAAAHH!!!!!

Johnny: Oh my god they killed him, they killed LT. Sma…..

Suddenly Johnny is hit by a death ray and his molecules ripped apart one by one in a painful instant.

Johnny: AAAAAAHH!!!!!!

Jack: Johnny!!!!  NOOOO!!!!

A stunned and horrified look comes over Jacks face.

Jack: They killed Johnny….

That look of shock turns into rage

Jack: They killed Johnny!!!!!!!

Charging forward he lets loose a deadly and accurate barrage of plasma blasts from his riffle

Jack: Die bastards!!!!!!!!

He kills ten in that attack but there are still a few left.

--command deck--

Crewman: the aliens will break through the blast door any minute.

High Commander Drex: arm yourselves and prepare to defend the command deck!

The blast door suddenly explodes!

The Onarians come storming through the smoking entrance.

Onarian: Prepare to die humans!

Drex: See you in hell you blue skinned freaks!
He fires into the Onarian ranks.
A blast from an Onarian death ray hits a fuel line next to his leg which explodes. With his leg blown completely off High commander Drex Crawls across the floor maimed and bloodied.

High Commander Drex: damn you alien freaks, I’m not going to let you take control of this station!

Slowly he pulls himself up to a computer consoul.

High Commander Drex: computer “cough” initiate self-destruct… Authorization Alpha 77…

Computer: self-destruct initiated.

Suddenly an Onarian death ray disintegrates the high commander.

As the cadets take cover behind various machines and computer counsels Jack formulates a simple plan.
Jack: There’s only three left now but if we continue to hide they’ll call for backup. We have to take them out now, on three all six of us attack at once.



Jack, Brains, Jenny, tubby, shorty and Tom all spring out and fire at the enemy.    
After vaporizing the three Onarians the Cadets hear a Computerized announcement on the loud speaker.


Jack: I think we can all agree that we need to get to the escape pods. Brains, tell us the minute you detect more aliens.

The group Exit into a hallway

Jack: The north elevator is the closest one to us its our best bet to get to deck 13. What are you detecting in the next corridor Brains?

Brains: Not good, not good at all there are at least 20 enemies up ahead.

Tom: Well screw that!

Jenny: Hold me Tom I’m scared!

Jack: We can cut through this storeroom to get the elevators but we have to hurry.

Brains: I’m reading seven Aliens in the storeroom! We have to get their another way.

Tom: He’s right we should try getting to the west elevator instead.

Jack: No! That’s a 10 minute walk if there’s a single delay we wont have time to evacuate.

Tom: Who made you leader anyway twerp! Your no more qualified than any of us so why the hell should we listen to you?

Jack: There’s  no time to debate this, some of us might die if we fight them but we’ll all die if we don’t so come on!

Slowly and reluctantly for some, they enter the store room.

Tubby: it seems pretty quiet maybe they left.

Suddenly an Onarian Jumps out from behind a crate.

Onarian: Die human scum!


His death ray just barely misses tubby who then ducks behind a crate.
The rest of the group follows his lead taking cover behind various crates shelves and machinery.

Jack: How many of them are there Brains!?

Brains: I’m reading 50! I’m sure there not all in this room but I cant pintoint the locations! They could really be anywhere waiting to strike!

As he’s speaking a shadowy figure sneaks up from behind.

Jack: Brains, behind you!

But its too late at almost point blank the Onarian blasts his head clean off his shoulders.

Jack: Brains!

Tom: Not any more…

Jack jumps out from behind his crate and disintegrates the Onarian.

Jack: We have to be quick when we move from our locations. Don’t be seen or heard by the enemy unless you have the drop on him!

Carefully the group tries to make it’s way across the vast store room. Suddenly Tom spots an enemy and shoots him. A second jumps out but Tom finishes him as well.

Tom: I’m unstoppable!
Suddenly two more jump out tom shoots the first one but the second one disintegrates tom who in his final second counterattacked killing the alien who killed him.

Tom: Bastard…

Jenny:  Oh No! Not Tom it can’t be… Tom please come back! “Sob” “Sob”

An Onarian steps from behind some shelves

Onarian: Do not despair foolish female, I will reunite you with your lover.

As the Onarian aimed his gun jack jumped out and disintegrated him.

Jack: Jeez woman do you want to die that badly, there’s no time to morn the dead we have to get out of here!

The group now made up of only four individuals exits the storeroom and comes out only feet from the elevator.

Jack: We made it!
Shorty: not all of us did.

Tubby: well at least there aren’t any aliens out here.

Jack: lets leave before that changes.

The four cadets get into the elevator.

--inside the elevator--
Jack: Without Brains we don’t know how many of them will be waiting for us so be prepared to fight.

Jenny: More fighting, more death when will it stop?

They exit the elevator to an empty corridor.

Jack: It all looks clear but we should proceed with extreme caution.


Jack: Its only been five minutes but it feels like its been hours.

Shorty: I know exactly what you mean, its like time moves slower in these situations.

Tubby: I don’t know about time but I always get hungrier in these situations.

Jenny: “These situations” you say, you boys are talking of battle as though its something you’ve done before.

Jack: where not referring specifically to battle, really its any situation where your life is in danger…


Some of the instructors come running from around a corner and into another corridor while firing shots. A couple of students run on ahead of them while the instructors remain to hold of the Onarians.

Jack: Battle up ahead! Come on guys lets give um a hand!

The four cadets go running forward to aid the pinned down instructors.
There where six Onarians and three instructors—two that could fight.
As the cadets arrived on the scene they immediately began to fire on the enemy.

Jenny: Commander Oyama is heart he needs help!

Commander devlin: its to late for him, you kids shouldn’t waist any more time with us go on to the escape pods!

Lt. Commander fox:  he’s right you’ve done all you can for us, there’s only three now we’ll hold them off until backup arrives! Now go that’s an order.

Jack: If you say you can handle this I’ll have to trust you. Lets go we cant disobey a direct order from a superior.

The four cadets continue on their way to the escape pods.

Jenny: They’ll probably be fine, after all he said he was expecting back up.

Jack: I think he was expecting the enemy to be the one with back up.

Shorty: don’t be such, a pessimist.

Jack: I’m a realist.


As the Cadets approach the escape pods they pass a corridor with ten Onarians approaching them.

Jack: there’s ten of them as soon as they see us were done for.

Tubby: no were not!

He holds up a small explosive devise he picked up in the storage room

Tubby: I’m too fat id just slow you guys down.
Jack: Tubby what are you thinking don’t!..

But its too late tubby runs down the corridor firing his gun at the ten aliens until he gets close enough and then…


Tubby and the Onarians where all blown to bits.
Jack looks away and balls his hand into a fist.

Jack: lets make sure that he didn’t die in vain, we’ll get to the escape pods, no more of us will die I swear it!

The three of them run until they reach the entrance to the evacuation room.
There is a massive firefight between the Onarians and the remaining Instructors as students are being escorted to the escape pods.

Commander Crowley: The Aliens know what’s going to happen and have figured out that this is the only way to leave the station alive!  You three need to get to an escape pod before they break through our ranks!

The three cadets enter the evacuation room and wade their way through the ensuing chaos as they attempt to reach the escape pods.  In every direction Onarians and Humans are killing each other to get to the escape pods.
The cadets began to shoot at every alien they see as they desperately maneuver across the room.

Suddenly a stray death ray grazes Shorty’s leg and he falls to the ground.

Jenny: don’t stop to morn him we need to evacuate before the whole place explodes.

Jack: He’s not dead and I wont leave him! Shorty come on its only a flesh wound, take my hand that’s an order!

Shorty grabs Jack’s hand and pulls himself up.

Shorty: Were the same rank dumb ass, so don’t try to give me orders.
Jack: Lets get the hell out of here!

The three of them get on board an escape pod.


Jack: launching escape pod!

The escape pod launches from the academy carrying 3 survivors.


BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! </b>

The academy explodes as the escape pod floats out of control.

Shorty: I wonder how many of our friends and classmates just died in that explosion?

Jack: id rather not think about it, how’s your leg by the way.

Shorty: Burnt, badly but its nothing I wont survive.

Jenny: its all just so tragic, hold me jack, kiss me.

Jack: no offense but your not my type.

Jenny: what are you gay!? I’m a perfect womanly specimen any man would be lucky to have me!  Isn’t that right shorty?    

Shorty: leave me out of this one.

Jack: physically your pretty hot but your just too weak and needy for my tastes, I like strong intelligent women.

Jenny: How dare you! I’ve never been so insulted in my life. We might be floating around for days or even weeks but I swear ill make every minute hell for you Jack Diamond!

Suddenly the escape pod floats into the path of the Onarian Warship Drakos.

Jack: we might not be alive that long look!
Jenny: Hold me I’m scared!

Shorty: why don’t you ever want to hold me?

--The Warship Drakos—

Crewman: that explosion weakened our shields by 30 percent captain!

Captain Groth: they would rather die than be taken prisoner; these humans are a dangerous enemy.

Crewman: I’m detecting a number of escape pods on sensors. I’m reading four with Onarian life signs.

CAPTAIN GROTH: tractor those ones  into the hanger decks and destroy the rest. These humans must be taught that the price of partial victory is total defeat.  

Suddenly The Drakos is attacked from behind by an extremely powerful beam  weapon which penetrates the hull causing massive explosions though not destroying the ship.

Crewman: Captain that attack just blew five decks into stardust!  Shields are now at only five percent.

Captain Groth: Why did the sensors not detect the enemy ship approaching!?

Crewman: all sensors were scanning for escape pods sir!

Captain Groth: YOU FOOL!!!  Get us out of here before they fire again!

Crewman: what about the escape pods sir?

Captain Groth: Leave them they are unimportant! However since we’ve not the time to retrieve our men blast them to stardust, we’ll not give the humans who would rather die than be prisoners the satisfaction of Onarian captives.

The Drakos retreats Just as the Excalibur comes into view.


Captain Kingsly: it seems our attack worked however we appear to be too late, the academy is lost. Scan for survivors.

Crewman: I’m detecting 39 escape pods Captain.

Captain Kingsly: 39 out of the one hundred that they kept, how sad that less then half of those promising students survived.  We mustn’t blame the High commander for self detonating though, it was likely his only option.

--the escape pod—

Jack: It’s the Excalibur they’ve come back!

Jenny: the aliens left too!

Shorty: I cant believe we survived!

Jack: We didn’t all survive. We should observe a moment of silence for Johnny, and tom and tubby and brains and for all the instructors who gave their lives to save ours.

Jenny: and for everyone else who wasn’t lucky enough to get out before… “sob”

Shorty: amen…

--To be continued—

--Next installment THE BATTLE OF PLUTO--
This is the first science fiction script that i'm putting up.
A note about this is that i have very specific ideas as to how things should look so any artist interested in it should keep that in mind.
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